Strike It Rich: 4 Summer Vacation Destinations To Prospect For Gold And Enjoy The Great Outdoors

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Strike It Rich: 4 Summer Vacation Destinations To Prospect For Gold And Enjoy The Great Outdoors

21 July 2017
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If you are looking for ways to strike it rich, your dreams can come true. There are many places across the country where you can still pan for gold. While you may not make a fortune, you can guarantee that you will at least be able to find a gold flake or two panning for gold in a river or with a bucket of waste from mines. Here are some of the best summer vacation destinations to go enjoy the great outdoors and try your hand at prospecting for gold:

1. Georgia—was the first gold rush in the newly formed United States of America. There are many areas around Dahlonega, Georgia, that have gold deposits and where you can still pan for gold. In some areas of North Georgia, old abandoned mines have been turned into tourist destinations where you can buy a bucket of materials to pan for not only gold but many of the precious and semi-precious gems that are found in Southern Appalachia.  

2. Arizona—is one of the states that you do not hear a lot about the gold deposits. Many nomads have gone to the desert to strike it rich; spending a lifetime looking for gold. Today, there are still modern prospectors with dreams of striking it rich, and there is still gold in the deserts of Arizona.  

3. Montana—is known as big sky country for several reasons; most notably because for years many remote areas in Montana had no speed limits posted. Today, it is a great state for enjoying the outdoors and prospecting for gold in the remote mountain regions of the state. There are many places in Montana where you can pan for gold, as well as many precious gem stones that are found in the state.  

4. Colorado—is known for the beautiful mountain scenery and the Mile-High City of Denver. It is also a state with various areas where you will be able to prospect for gold.  There are many places throughout the Colorado Rockies, where you will be able to pan for gold and some precious gems. There are many different types of precious gems and gold found throughout the Rocky Mountains. 

Even if you do not strike it rich, these vacation destinations are great for enjoying the great outdoors. When you have found precious stones and gold, contact a gem dealer to sell your finds. Some other areas to look include California where there are also diamonds to be found. 

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