Getting A Bail Bond For An Adult Child

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Getting A Bail Bond For An Adult Child

19 July 2017
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When an adult child gets into some kind of criminal trouble, as a parent you're likely to spring into action to give them whatever help you're able to provide. In spite of your surprise and disappointment with their actions, you will probably be the person most eager to sort out their bail bond issues so they don't have to spend weeks in a criminal holding facility until their court appearance. During such a time of emotional upheaval, it's essential to understand the following.

Not Everyone Will Want the Case

Because they are your child, you might think everyone should give them a chance to prove their innocence or ability to turn things around in a positive way. It's important for you to realize that many people will simply not see it that way, including the bail bondsmen or bonding companies you contact. Every bonding business you talk with is going to need to duly conduct their own research into your adult child to figure out whether they're willing to take on that risk. In some cases they might flat out refuse and you'll have to try another company. To get your child out, you might have to speak with many bondsmen; it's smart to do so as soon as you're aware of the situation.

The Facility May Still Hold Your Child for a Period

Once you've gotten a bondsman or company to accept your child's case, you might be expecting them to walk free on bail in a matter of minutes. You might have seen that happen on a favorite TV show. The reality of it is that each jail or facility works differently; one facility may only release people during weekday afternoons while another releases people at all times. Find out where your child is and ask about their particular rules.

Your Adult Child Might Escape

Even after all the help you've given your child, they might refuse to make their court appearance and disappear instead. If that happens, you will be held to the terms of the bond agreement you signed. This can be hard to accept because you think you know your adult child, but before you sign any documents, be sure that you really understand the consequences you'll face if they leave town.

It isn't easy to deal with an adult child's criminal arrest. If you're hoping to work out a bail bond for them, pay attention to the details here. Discuss your specific situation with bail bonding companies in the area to know for sure what you'll be dealing with.

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